Learning/Teaching/Training Activities in TICC project

The LTTA training in Faro was a five day activity, consisting of several training moments dedicated to teachers and teaching professionals. The training encompassed several skill development sessions, which were articulated through various in house professionals and guests, and a cultural program aimed at introducing the partners to Portuguese and regional culture. From September 16th to 20th, the participants watched a discussion panel with two guests, Miguel Fernandes, a representative of a local digital agency, and Jorge Cabaço, a digital marketer and trainer at ETIC_Algarve. Visitors were introduced to the quiz creating digital platforms and practiced creating contents on each of them. Communication tools were also presented as an ad on to the skill already developed, such as Prezi and visual communication rules (colour, text and composition). Social media management was also an important theme regarding community management and social media as a learning and teaching tool. And, since many platforms allow the inclusion of video as a teaching tool, a session of simple video creation and editing was taught by a video professional, so that the tools could be complemented with specific contents. The training days were closed with a Q&A session, conclusions and feedback.