Our Multiplier Events

The last month of running the project was the best time to organise Multiplier Events. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19 it was difficult to gather a larger group of people at once, but we managed to organise the events. Some of the them were online, some face to face. The most important thing was … Read more

The Best Practices Study

The last intellectual result is completed. The research and the testing convinced us that the teacher as interactive content creator is a good direction to follow. A self-confident teacher familiar with new technologies is a recipe for success. What’s more, the students will also succeed more easly. Best Practices Study

Online meeting

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the only way to see each other is a virtual meeting. Working from home can’t stop this partnership from working together!  We met to discuss the final activities and events of the TICC project.

Our third newsletter designed by ETIC_Algarve

This time we decided that workshops inspired by Learning/Teaching/Training Activities (LTTA) in Portugal will be the topic of the next newsletter. Digital skills have become essential for teachers nowadays and it is very important to learn from and support each other.

New skills training

All participants of  five days training  in Faro are now sharing knowledge and new skills with their work  colleagues.  It is a great chance to create interesting and motivating interactive materials for language classes.

Our second newsletter is ready!

The LTTA in Faro was the theme for the second newsletter, in which a brief summary of the meeting was presented, with participants’ feedback about the experience, with a graphic layout in accordance to the first newsletter.

The third TPM meeting in Rzeszow

The third meeting was organised by Danmar Company. Partners met on the 11th of December 2019 in Rzeszow. It was a great chance to sum up the work done so far and set new goals. The organization of workshops for language teachers in partners’ schools was successfully planned. The participants had a chance to integrate, … Read more

Learning/Teaching/Training Activities in TICC project

The LTTA training in Faro was a five day activity, consisting of several training moments dedicated to teachers and teaching professionals. The training encompassed several skill development sessions, which were articulated through various in house professionals and guests, and a cultural program aimed at introducing the partners to Portuguese and regional culture. From September 16th … Read more

The video tutorials are ready!

The video tutorials, created based upon the lesson plans provided by the project’s partners, were created by recording a step by step narrated tutorial on the Kahoot, Quizizz and Socrative platforms, with written highlights pointing the important details so that the user would be eased in the process. These short tutorial videos were a joint … Read more

The second meeting in Pitesti.

At the beginning of June 2019 we all met in Pitesti, the capital and the largest city of Arges County. The meeting was an opportunity to summarize the work done so far. Partners from Portugal presented the final version of the leaflet and the newsletter. They also showed one of the video tutorials – asking … Read more