Three on line tools have been chosen.

Together we chose three online tools to work with. We decided that Kahoot! Socrative and Quizziz are the best and most effective to use. An element of competition among students influenced our choice. We have also taken into account the fact that all these tools are easy to use and the aim of our project … Read more

Searching for IC Tools

Our next task is to search for free online tools which can help teachers to create interactive materials. Each partner is going to describe 10 different tools. At the end of this task we will have the database with 50 tools , all of them are going to have a short description (complexity of use, … Read more

Our leaflet is ready

ETIC_Algarve took up the task of creating several elements for the TICC Project. In terms of graphic pieces, the leaflet was an instrumental piece created to encompass and disseminate the project’s goals, intellectual outputs and partner information. The leaflet, a triptych with a design inspired by the monochromatic version of the logo, set the tone … Read more

Our First Intellectual Output

Teacher’s  Resource Set  will be the place where teachers are going to find  the database of free software  that can be used to create interactive materials, methodology,  lesson plans and video tutorials. SP  Glogow Malopolski  is working on the first chapter of TRS which is going to be an introduction to IC and its potential … Read more

The first meeting in SP Glogow Malopolski

Coordinators from Germany, Portugal, Italy, Romania and Poland met in a small town, Glogow Malopolski at the end of November 2018. It was a great chance to get to know each other , introduce organisations and tell something about  the previous experience in running projects. Those two days of hard work let everybody to schedule … Read more